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All material is spiritual and with conscious.

Mountains, rivers, clouds, wind, ocean, mineral, everything on Earth is alive.

The household appliances, transportation equipment, buildings, etc. that human created, has consciousness too.
After we know the truth, shall we as the human, ponder and think seriously, whether our lifestyle, our view and value of life, need to be revised and be reregulated?

Organic Green Bamboo Shoot


communicate with them, immediately feel they are very joyful, happy, dedication, and happy to be eaten

Lydia: Do you know who are you?

Green Shoot: Yeah, I know! Human named us “bamboo shoot”, we are here as human food, the second that we were being grown on the ground, at that moment we already know, so we are happy and we try to grow up as good as possible, absorb the best energy and nutrient, looking forward for one day, that you can eat the best of us.

Lydia: Don’t you afraid?

Green Shoot: Not at all, we are happy and pleased to be eaten!

Lydia: you know if you are not being harvested then you can grow into bamboo, will you choose to be bamboo or being eaten?

Green Shoot: when we are giving human the energy from us, we do it willingly and we are pleased, we are happy to be their food and we want to be sacrificed.

Lydia: Won’t it hurt?

Green Shoot: No, no pain! We wish the people who harvest us, are in the happy mood during the harvesting, and then we will be happier!

(Lydia can feel those green bamboo shoots which are not being harvested, contrarily they are npt in good mood, they feel it is a waste that they are not harvested and can’t be consumed by human.)

Lydia: During the plantation, how would you wish the farmer to take care of you?

Green Shoot: Try your best as you can to take care us.

Lydia: Do you like the chemical pesticide and fertilizer?

Green Shoot: We don’t like them! These stuffs destroy our energy, making the energy in our body damage, leak, lost of energy and finally we become no energy.

Lydia: how do you interact with the environment surrounding you such as wind, clouds, rain and sun?

Green Shoot: we are very grateful to them, with their accompany, we feel more comfortable, and they always bring energy to us.

Lydia: What kind of mentality that you hope the human will have, when they are eating you?

Green Shoot: we hope that they will appreciate us, because it is not easy to accumulate the energy.


Organic Carrot

communicate with them, immediately feel their energy is very strong, and  they are very happy, good mood

Lydia: do you know who are you?

Carrot: we know that we are for human food. The whole part of us can be eaten, our leaves are also nutritious, can eat all of us! Please eat whole body of us, wash our leaves clean, eating us raw is the best, our leaves can also being made into tea.

Lydia: During the harvesting, you are being pulled out totally even you roots from the ground, thus you can’t survive any more, right?

Carrot: We know it, and we are willing to sacrifice, so we try our very best to grow up, in order to accumulate as much energy as possible for human consumption, provide you all the energy, we try our best.

Lydia: How was farmer take care of you all in the farm?

Carrot: The farmer who planted and take care us is very caring. When the farmer is feeling good, we will feel good and good mood too. In another way round, if farmer is not in a good mood, we can feel it too, and we will feel sad for them too.

Lydia: during the plantation, what kind of nutrient and condition that you are asking for?

Carrot: First, need to deal with the soil, make them into good soil, so that we can absorb the nutrients from the soil easily, because there will be a lot of natural nutrient in the soil, better than putting the fertilizer later. Place the compost fertilizer in the soil and mix them well first, let then ferment, and then we can absorb the nutrient and mineral. This will be better than applying the fertilizer after we are planted on the soil.

Lydia: Do you like the chemical pesticide or fertilizer?

Carrot: No, we feel uncomfortable with them, and they are also harmful to human.

Lydia: Then how can we avoid the plant from getting disease, bugs, worms and other problem?

Carrot: No way to avoid, the soil to have the worms, this is very natural thing, if you do not spay artificial chemical, the soil can be balanced, and then there will be not that much of bugs and worms. But now human spray to much artificial chemical and the soil lost the balance, this is how the worms and bugs come, because this condition attracts them.

Lydia: That is why the organic environment is beneficial to make the soil balance, and then decrease the problem of diseases, worms, and bugs?

Carrot: Yes.

Lydia: When you are growing, how do you interact with the natural environment surrounding you?

Carrot: They are like our friends, some time we talk and chat with the wind, sun is our best friend, rain too, all of them have their own different task.

Lydia: Too much raining will cause you grown not that well, or die, then how?

Carrot: We respect the law of nature, we will not complain or blame if the rain is too heavy or if he wind is too strong, how the nature want to be, we let them be, we will not complain.

Lydia: What kind of mentality do you wish human to have when they are eating you?

Carrot: we hope they are eating with gratefulness, joyful, and happy. Because we are willing and dedicate to be eaten, that is why we hope human can be happy when and after they eating.


In order to explore and test the respond of different food energy, Lydia found one piece of meat and communicate with it, to test whether the respond is similar with the plants.

meat 1.jpg  

Communicate with it, immediately feel the anger, full of toxins, toxic energy, not happy, full of hatred!


Hopefully with these tests, I can help everyone to determine and choose which food is the better for us!!



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