Lydia: Hello. What is your name and how old are you?

Starling: My name is Gigi. I’m only three years old. I am still a girl since I haven’t have any baby yet.

Lydia: Where do you live?

Gigi: Somewhere near Arkansas in US.

Lydia: Would you mind to talk about the living style of your clan?

Gigi: Mostly it’s a lifestyle of a whole. We eat and forage together, but oftentimes I sneaked out and play.

Lydia: Where do you go to play?

Gigi: Some places not too far away from the clan, do some sightseeing, catch insects, eat nut. Last time I played with a squirrel. He gave me a big fruit, but it is too hard for me to eat. Afterwards, I found a fruit and gave it to him, but he said it was to sour. Ha ha , but I really enjoy the taste of sour and sweet in the fruit. Oh, I know, maybe I can catch some worm for him next time.

Lydia: Do you have other interesting things?

Gigi: Anything that is fun require me to sneak out.

Lydia: Do you interact, and talk to trees and flowers?

Gigi: Sure, but they are so boring. They just keep nagging me to behave and stop being naughty. They are so annoying.

Lydia: Looks like you really love playing. Rumors had it said that starlings don’t know how to hatch their eggs, instead they put the eggs in other birds’ nest. Is that true?

Gigi: Because we don’t know how, besides, it is really tiring to hatch the egg. Really, it is very hard.

Lydia: Do starlings give other birds a notice before putting the eggs in their nest?

Gigi: We tried, but mostly failed. So we have to sneak in and put the egg covertly. But some birds are kind and are willing to help us out.

(Please don’t laugh at the starlings for they don’t know how to hatch their own eggs. Each animal has their characteristics and this is what they are.)

Lydia: Can we talk about this incident of collective death? Is it because of the weather is very cold?

Gigi: Yes, but not totally just because of the weather.

Lydia: What are other reasons?

Gigi: sh…. Let me tell you a secret. The reason is that we made the decision to leave.

Lydia: Can you be more specific?

Gigi: Oh … no, mom said we can’t talk about this.

Lydia: @@ Looks like I will have to ask you mom instead then.

Gigi: So you are not chatting with me anymore? Ah… it’s not fun. You will have to said “I love Gigi” before you can chat with my mom!

Lydia: Ok Ok, Gigi is the best. I love you. (Gigi is really a young and mischievous bird)

Gigi: Ok Ok.

(It seems that Gigi’s mom is very careful and nervous. She said that this is the nature/characteristic of them.)

Lydia: Who decides that the clan is to leave and perform the collective death?

Gigi’s mom: We all have one who is elder in the group. Besides, the environment nowadays is so harmful to us. It is very hard to make a living. We wish that with our massive death will be able to wake up the awareness of the environmental changes. This would be our last gift to human.

Lydia: Gift? @@

Gigi’s mom:  Please don’t doubt nor panic for what we do is just sacrificing ourself and try to wake up human. Earth have been devastated seriously. It has surpassed the threshold where it can not be recovered. The land is crying, but you can’t hear; it is weeping, you can’t see. For us, it is very painful to live in such environment. Because, in one hand, we have to bear the damages done by humans, and in the other, listening to the moaning from Earth. This is the only thing we can do as a gift for you (human) for the sole wish that one day human can be awaken.

Lydia:  I feel very sad.

Gigi’s mom: I know we couldn’t wake up many people, but at least some have already noticed. You neglect the loving devotion from Earth. You have destroy and hurt her seriously. Please, love/cherish us and love/cherish her. Our leaving is a warning for waking up the human.

Lydia: There are many marines, and birds in Europe died as well. Is it all of you decided to leave together, or the decision is made separately in the clans?

Gigi’s mom: Because we all living in pain, this is movement is widely known in the animal realm. Wake up, please!  Be tranquil, and look at your surrounding, otherwise you won’t be able to perceive this consciousness. This is what I can tell as being a member of earthlings. We hope that we can at least do something to help us all.

Lydia: You can decide the time of your leaving (massive death)?

Gigi’s mom: We had spoken and asked God. We volunteer to sacrifice in order to help.

Lydia: Will this affect the evolution of your clan?

Gigi’s mom: If Earth cannot survive, we don’t even have the chance to evolve anymore. That is the reason why we sacrifice ourself in trying to save Earth. This is what we animal can do only.

Mankind really need to hold a deep breath and start to meditate. The climate is very unstable; the environment is devastated tremendously. If starlings are willing to sacrifice themselves in order to save Earth, what a so called primate can do as a man? Can you still be so blind about others’ suffering?

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